Mullumbimby IGA is a convenience Independent Grocery Store dedicated to satisfying the needs of our customers; and helping out the local community. We pride ourselves on the best customer service, low prices and fantastic special offers.

Situated in the heart of Mullumbimby we are about 4 kilometres west of the Pacific Highway. Mullumbimby is an alternative lifestyle town situated in glorious surroundings. Well known for its tropical fruits that thrive in the warm climate and rich soil along the riverbanks.

Our store prides itself on locally purchase products and supports the local businesses in doing so. We also share close partnerships with surrounding organisations and make donations where needed to keep businesses in success.

Dino Rosa (Store Manager)  took ownership in August 2012 and has made it a personal goal to operate this store differently to those located in built up locations, which has emphasised the motto of ‘Doing it for the locals’.

The operating staff in this store are locals themselves and are there for the long term so you will always be guaranteed to see familiar and friendly faces.

Come in and shop with us to experience delicious produce, fantastic specials, speciality products tailored to our customers and service with a smile.

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